Personal Odyssey Journeys

Throughout the Washington, DC, area, I offer therapy seminars for groups, couples and individuals.  My series of experiential seminars explore different areas of interest and development throughout one's life span.

• An Invitation to Play
• Somatic Guided Imagery
• Regression

• ShamanismRestory
• Tapping into an Inner Wisdom

• Working with Dreams
• Conception and Rebirthing
• Nature's Healing Gifts

• Past and Present Life
• Fairy Tales and Fables
• Personal Odyssey

Japanese Maple Tree

Reaching Out To Others

My seminars help clients gain new perspectives for overcoming life's difficulties.  Clients are able to access their own healing energy on a soul level by providing a deeper level of psychotherapy.   Because I care about each and every person I work with, I provide a warm and safe space in order for the work to happen.  

Incorporating Inner Healing

By incorporating the mind, body, and spirit in my seminars and sessions, I offer people an opportunity to feel better about their overall state of being.  My non-traditional approach to the field allows me to provide a totally unique service.  I have worked with international trainers in different parts of the world to develop my practice.  My work has inspired me to develop an inner child book for adults and children.