The Doing and Being Room

This is a story about a conversation with one's inner child and the beginning stages of connection to oneself and then to others.  It is a testimony to the spirit and resilience of a child's imagination and an adaptive resonse to the real issues of childhood fears and loneliness.  Aviva, living in the Sahara desert, wishes for a playmate as she gazes into the night sky.  When Aviva's curiosity becomes sronger than her fear, something magical begins to happen.

This inner child book helps individuals experience their own responsiveness and reactions to the story which in turn creates a space for a converstion to occur having to do with creativity, loneliness, and the dveolment of friendship. In the past I have done readings for both public and private schools, hospitals and librarys throughout Maryland, and the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. My second book, Beyond the Sand, will be presented in the near future.